It is a crime not to fall in love with the City of Lakes. Udaipur is as romantic as it is luxurious. Unlike its neighboring Rajasthani towns, Udaipur is more relaxed and laidback. A single trip isn’t enough to appreciate fully Udaipur’s beauty and charm.

I stayed at the lovely 5-star Trident Hotel, and although the property is a bit dated, the service was top-notch nonetheless. I fancied their swimming pool so much, which overlooks the gorgeous Lake Pichola, that I just lounged there for almost half a day (for the very first time during my entire India trip) to read a book and master the art of doing nothing.

Udaipur is a city that has tons of culture and sceneries to offer for first time visitors. Based on my personal experience, what makes this city unique compared to the other Indian towns I’ve visited is the entire experience of traversing Lake Pichola on a commercial motorboat. Seeing the picturesque Udaipur sunset, with the lake and the mountains as its backdrop, was definitely the perfect ending to cap off my little Indian rendezvous.

For an obsessive-compulsive traveler like me, detailed itineraries and maps are my bible whenever I visit a new destination. It’s almost second-nature to me to plan ahead for my trips — by creating a dozen pages of daily schedules; developing comprehensive street maps and public transport points; and drafting a list of must-see, must-do, must-eat, and a myriad of other must-tries.

But why did I dare take a solo adventure — without itineraries and not having properly research about the place at all — to a distant, foreign country such as India?

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For some people, they call it “bravery.” Yes, I traveled solo. But technically, I also didn’t. I was actually traveling with a concierge. The concept may sound foreign to some travelers my age, especially for people who are used to backpacking and traveling free-and-easy. Being escorted by a professional local travel companion makes all the difference.

I wandered in India with Ravishing India Holidays, a luxury tour operator headquartered in Singapore which specializes in travel concierge services in this rich, beautiful South Asian region. With a personal concierge who will help craft your itinerary even before you arrive and who will customize it depending on your mood and requirements while you are on journey, everything became easier and more fun than I expected it to be.

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