Streaming worldwide starting January 13 is iWantTFC’s first original 2021 offering, Horrorscope. The project is an anthology series about how one’s astrological or zodiac sign can bring misfortune and terror.

Horroscope’s Zodiac sign-based chapters serve as a follow-up to Jake Cuenca’s “Scorpio” episode in Sitsit, which is also on iWantTFC. The series stars Charlie Dizon, Elisse Joson, Fino Herrera, Patrick Quiroz, Paolo Gumabao, and Iyah Mina.

Virgo episode:

MMFF 2020 Best Actress Charlie Dizon plays the role of Ronalyn, an idealistic newbie police officer. In exchange for a promotion, she is forced by her superiors to join a group of corrupt “ninja cops.”

Ronalyn needs to gather information from and then kill a suspected drug runner held captive by the group in order to be accepted. The runner turns out to be Dado (Fino Herrera), her ex-boyfriend and first love. Ronalyn is torn between choosing what’s right and saving her life before her superiors discover the real connection between them.

Leo episode:

Iyah Mina is Leona, a controlling fashion designer who is still grieving the loss of her younger boyfriend Jonas (Paolo Gumabao). She hires a necromancer to bring Jonas back to life as her only wish is to be with her again.

Tragic consequences come with raising the dead. Her dead boyfriend is yearning to share the grave with the obsessed Leona.

Libra episode:

Patrick Quiroz gives life to the role of sincere sacristan Ponce. He helps a priest in the exorcism of the devil from a mysterious lady. This lady is Clarissa, portrayed by Elisse Joson. In the process of taking the devil out, Clarissa earns extra strength and she gives birth to the prince of darkness.

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Overpowered by Clarissa, the priest explores the last option of killing her. Ponce is paralyzed by fear and conscience. He is torn between helping the priest or saving Clarissa and her child.

Created, produced and directed by Ato Bautista, “Horrorscope” is dropping all episodes on its premiere. Standard and premium subscribers worldwide can watch them on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on starting January 13.

WATCH the trailer: