The artist is on fire! With the success of his previous tracks ‘Di Para Sa’yo’, “Be Someone”, “Trust”, and “Back to the Beginning”, Jace Roque hopes to inspire listeners to move forward and take back the power that they once lost along the way. 

INFERNO is about the struggles I’ve experienced for the past couple of years,” Jace shared. “The title is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. With Dante’s Inferno very vivid and graphic yung description niya of the Nine Circles of Hell. With my mini album, ganun din, I am also discussing what I went through very vividly and graphically.”

Jace shared that for his creative process, he simply wanted to transform his pain into art. “I wanted it to be as authentic and unapologetic as it can be while showcasing how my music has evolved since I started in the recording industry,” Jace said.

Although his songs range from upbeat Electronic Dance Music to mid-tempo Pop/R&B, Jace hopes that his songs spark a change and ignite topics that are considered tabooーsuch as dealing with issues like mental health and culture. “Every song I make represents an important part or chapter of my life. My story deserves to be heard and my voice needs to be heard.”

Track by Track

Di Para Sayo‘ is an upbeat EDM track that tackles my journey to realizing my self worth. It is based on a previous relationship, one of the reasons why I abruptly went on hiatus in 2021 and the main reason why I went to therapy. It is a self-empowerment anthem. It emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, opening your eyes to the ugly truth and choosing what’s best for your overall wellbeing. 

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Be Someone‘ is a mid-tempo Pop/R&B track about my struggle to preserve my own identity while combating the unrealistic expectations from my family, friends, and the entertainment industry. It talks about the negative impact of being controlled and breaking free from one’s ideology of how I should be. At the end of the day, I just want to be someone that I can be proud of.

Trust‘ is a mid-tempo 80s Synth/Dance track which recalls the confrontation I had when I found out that I was being cheated on. During that time, writing my heartbreak into a song was the only way for me to cope. True to what people say, “trust takes months and years to build but only seconds to break.”

Back To The Beginning‘ is an upbeat Tropical Pop/EDM track about my struggles growing up and the difficulty of meeting the insatiable demands and expectations of my parents. The double standards I had to go through and the feeling like nothing is ever good enough for them. Amidst all that pain and chaos, I just want to go back to simpler times when everything was not as complicated.

All Roads Lead to Paradise

As the year comes to a close, Jace is optimistic of things to come, especially now that he is trekking the road towards healing. Fans, fellow artists, and the like, can look forward to new things for 2023, like his debut album, ‘Paradiso’

Secret to Success

“I guess the key to my success is staying true to who I am as an artist,” Jace shared. Hands-on as he has always been, he also added, “Authenticity, honesty and relatability has always been my holy trinity when it comes to creating music.”

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Jace’s success in numbers

Success, these days, can be seen in numbers. Jace has raked in the streams. “So far I’ve accumulated more than a million for both Spotify and YouTube; and a total of 9 million across all platforms. I could honestly say that there’s a bit of pressure but I’m not really the type who’s going to let pressure get the best of me,” he confirmed.

The rising artist keeps himself grounded, “I acknowledge that my numbers are growing, which I’m grateful for, but I refuse to let that feed into my ego nor affect how I create music. I’m just going to enjoy the fruits of my labor and see where it will take me.”

What’s next?

“I am preparing for my full length debut album, ‘Paradiso’ which is slated for 2023. The album title is also inspired by Divine Comedy. ‘Inferno’ was the prologue and ‘Paradiso’ is the main storyline that will complete the narrative of my journey. The project is years in the making so I’m excited to finally unveil it next year,” Jace updated.

After receiving award nominations from Awit Awards and PPop Awards, his next goal is to return to the international music scene. “As people may or may not know, prior to signing with a local label, I was actually signed to an international record label. So going global is something I’m looking forward to in the coming years,” Jace reported. We are definitely looking forward to that.


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