Japanese businesswoman Naho Oue has seen the worst in the Philippines and yet she chooses to focus on the best. As a philanthropist who does feeding programs in Tondo, Manila, Naho has the heart for those in need and she constantly finds ways to be of help. At 26, she’s so passionate about giving back that she wishes to join showbiz for a cause. Naho wants to be a celebrity not for popularity but to gain more positive influence that will help her get sponsorships and solicit funds for charity.

Through the help of an interpreter, Naho was able to share with us her plans of putting up a stem cell therapy and beauty clinic. She aims to offer the latest beauty technology from her home country to the Filipino market. We all know how Filipinas are huge consumers of Korean and Japanese beauty products.

During our interview about her showbiz interest, it popped up how Naho is so in love with the country’s top loveteam KathNiel or the widely popular tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Her eyes lit up at the mere mention of Daniel‘s name and she instantly went giddy when the topic was about KathNiel’s films. Thanks to Netflix which now features our local projects, Naho was able to watch loveteam’s hits. It is a dream for her to meet KathNiel and the unkabogable comedian Vice Ganda in the flesh.

Watch our fun interview with Naho that went beyond the language barrier:

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