BAKIT, sa tingin mo, pinag-aaway nila tayo?” Broadcaster Karen Davila was semi-stunned by fellow broadcaster Korina Sanchez’s very direct and maybe unexpected question. “Pero bago mo sagutin yan… break muna tayo,” Korina teased. And then both women did a high five and laughed.

To many insiders in the industry, a one-on-one between Korina and Karen would be IMPOSSIBLE. The two have been talked about as “rivals” in their former network ABS-CBN since the 90’s. They have never worked together on a project ever. But if you watch the trailer of this much-awaited exclusive moment, you’ll see a lot of high-fiving, laughing, chiding, eating, light storytelling and, at one point, Karen cries.

Why did Karen’s tears fall? What does she feel about social media bashing? What does she think about Korina’s question on their supposed rivalry? Well, you’ll have to watch this Sunday’s Korina Interviews aired on NET25 at 5:00pm to find out.

“I didn’t know that Karen and I have so many things in our lives in-common. And it really surprised me. Was that rivalry real? Eh manood nalang kayo. And if you watch it on my YouTube Channel “Rated Korina”, don’t skip the ads ha!”Korina laughed.

You can also catch Korina Interviews episodes on her YouTube Channel “Rated Korina” every Wednesday. Watch the revealing one-on-one of Korina with Dra. Vicki Belo now uploaded:

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