Rape is a sensitive issue and in a conservative culture like ours, talking about it openly is uncommon. This is why former Wowowee host DJ Kat Alano‘s courage to stand up and speak up about her being a victim nine years ago is creating buzz these days. We can recall that this all began at the height of the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo rape case. When news broke, Kat tweeted cryptic messages that raised speculations she was victimized by Navarro. But to this day, she has neither confirmed nor denied Navarro’s involvement.
Without names being mentioned, Kat’s latest interview with her friend DJ Mo Twister on the podcast Good Times With Mo is explosive as the involvement of a well-loved public figure is revealed. The one-on-one discussion requires viewers/listeners to read between the lines. In it, Kat shares her sentiments about being bashed and ridiculed online because of her tweets and how difficult it is to open up about being abused in a society like ours.
QUESTION we have in mind right now: Can some of her Twitter replies/retweets and Mo Twister’s tweet clue us in on her celeberity perpetrator’s identity?
WATCH the video and check out the tweets:

 Screenshots of Kat Alano’s Twitter conversation
 and Mo Twister’s tweet:
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