Maxi Mango has been the talk of the town since it was introduced in the market because of the long line of customers very excited to taste it. It’s just fitting that they Kathryn as their endorser as her huge and solid following have been patronizing everything that she does.
Maxi Mango is a soft served ice cream dessert product which uses rich Mango based soft served to create a spin on the Filipino classic Mango Float with other menu items using the same mango base.

Though Maxi Mango only began in December 2017 with its first permanent store established on September 1, 2018, the owners have already banked six years in the soft served industry through previous concepts and have a strong and competitive mastery both for this product and the equipment it requires. Maxi Mango was developed through strenuous research and development.

Maxi Mango has a rich and creamy mango base, smooth to the palate and is the highlight of our product. Our edge in this industry is the soft served itself; where other soft served companies normally pay little to no attention in their soft served base and drown their product in commercially bought toppings, Maxi Mango offers no compromises with the highest quality possible.
Kathryn’s personal favorite is the cheesy maxi mango and she can’t wait to have Daniel taste it.

The record highest sales for Maxi Mango was set at SM Fairview  (a franchisee branch) last December 2018 for mall hours of 10am-12midnight at PHP121,000/day. While average daily sales can range anywhere between PHP30,000 – PHP60,000 per day. I’m pretty sure that with Kathryn’s name attached to the brand, their sales will soar higher.

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