The long wait is over over! “The Rain in España”, the first book in the popular Wattpad “University Series” with over 570 million reads, by Gwy Saludes (aka 4reuminct), came to life on Viva One last May 1, 2023. Directed by kilig expert director Theodore Boborol (Finally Found Someone and Vince & Kath & James), this ten-part romantic comedy series is sure to bring loads of kilig, just like the other novels that Viva turned into blockbuster movies (Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead, Para sa Hopeless Romantic).

Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo, who once lived together in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother house, are now the newest love team to follow as they portray the roles of Luna and Kalix, respectively. Together, they are known as #Lukal.

Louisse Natasha Valeria, or Luna for short, is an Architecture student. Apart from her perkiness, persistence is also one of her strongest traits. Not only does it help her maintain high grades, but it’s also how she catches Kalix’s attention. Marco Gallo plays Kalix Jace Martinez, a legal management student, though his mother wants him to become a doctor. Handsome, rich, smart, and a man of few words, Kalix has a mysterious vibe. He thinks he has no time for love, but he can’t help falling in love with Luna.

However, their young love is not a fairy tale with a happy ending. Kalix’s faithfulness is put in question, and Luna just can’t forget about it. Years later, Luna still remembers everything about Kalix – her feelings for him, their promise to stay together as they reach for their dreams, and how he threw it all away. But here they are now, both professionals and forced to work with each other. Luna is the head architect of her family’s real estate business, while Kalix runs his own law firm and happens to be the head legal counsel for Luna’s company. They have no choice but to face the pain and regret from the past. Still not over each other, how long must it take to rekindle their love? Are they now mature enough to make their relationship last? “The Rain in España” will also introduce the other colorful characters that complete The University Series.

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Krissha Viaje plays Yanna, a Tourism student who later becomes a flight attendant, and the wildest among Luna’s friends. She has a “no strings attached” relationship with Hiro, a student pilot. Her story will unfold in book 2, entitled “Safe Skies, Acher”. Gab Lagman plays Sevi, Luna’s guy best friend, who has a secret crush on her. Sevi is an Engineering student and the team captain of the basketball team. He also lands a job in Luna’s firm as an engineer. Book 3, “Chasing in the Wild”, will focus on this campus heartthrob. Aubrey Caraan plays Samantha, a Communication student who comes from a wealthy family and is the social butterfly of the barkada. She always prioritizes her friends over herself. Through her help, Luna and Kalix get to see each other often in school. Sam will take the spotlight in book 4, “Avenues of the Diamond”, where she will be in an arranged marriage.

Bea Binene plays Via, an Archi student like Luna. She is considered the conscience of the barkada, being one of the more sensible girls in the group. She always hangs out with her childhood best friend, but fame will suddenly lead them to different paths. Via’s character will shine more in Book 5, “Golden Scenery of Tomorrow”.

Kierra, Luna’s cousin and best friend, is portrayed by Nicole Omilio, who also studies architecture. Kierra falls in love with Miguel, played by Francis Magundayao, a walking red flag. Her journey through joy and pain will be revealed in Book 6, “Our Yesterday’s Escape”. Other characters who affect Luna and Kalix’s relationship are Amethyst, Adonis, and Leo.

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Gabby Padilla plays Amethyst, a family friend of Kalix’s, who his mom wants him to date, making Luna feel insecure. Now a lawyer, Amethyst takes on a dangerous case because of a favor owed to Kalix. Adonis, played by Andre Yllana, is the funny guy who always teases Kalix and Luna. He’s one of the reasons why Luna and Kalix need to work together. Frost Sandoval portrays Leo, a joker like Adonis, who made Kalix jealous when he thought Luna was dating him.

Since the trailer release, “The Rain in España” has amassed a total of 6.7 million views across all social media platforms. Fans of The University Series are excited to see how their favorite characters and scenes come to life, while fans of the artists are eager to see their idols on the screen.

Kean Cipriano heads the musical score, providing a perfect mix of established and emerging OPM songs that promise to bring the fans a musical experience that is hard to forget. “The Rain in España” official soundtrack features songs from O/C Records artists Kenaniah, Fitz Shioda, Chrstn and 7th, and Viva Records’ Cup of Joe. The series’ OST album will also be released on all digital music platforms.

Don’t miss “The Rain in España” on Viva One and join Kalix, Luna, and the rest of the gang in this exciting story of love, friendship, self-awareness, and growth. Download and register on Vivamax via a Chrome browser or Android device, select Viva One as your channel, and pay 99 pesos per month for ad-free viewing. Watch all your favorite movies, series, and concerts on this newest streaming platform for everyone – Viva One.

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