Disney Channel Asia released a new batch of photos for their campaign, 12 Days of Princess,” which assembles 12 famous female celebrities from around the region who embody the Disney Princesses’ characters and personalities. Kim Chiu was chosen as Mulan while the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo was chosen to play Rapunzel. Kim Chiu as Disney's Mulan Sarah Geronimo as Disney's Rapunzel Other stars include:

Indonesia's Sandra Dewi as Cinderella
Indonesia’s Sandra Dewi as Cinderella
Malaysia's Marsha Milan as Elsa
Malaysia’s Marsha Milan as Elsa
Thailand's Gam Gavintra as Maleficent
Thailand’s Gam Gavintra as Maleficent
Proud as Ariel
Proud as Ariel
Malaysia's Wawa as Belle
Malaysia’s Wawa as Belle
Best as Jasmine
Best as Jasmine
Golf as Merida
Golf as Merida
Indonesia's Daiyan Trisha as Snow White
Indonesia’s Daiyan Trisha as Snow White
Thailand's Fah as Tiana
Thailand’s Fah as Tiana
Tori as Pocahontas
Tori as Pocahontas

From the Asian celebrities pictured above, who do you think perfectly fits as a true Disney Princess? Join our poll or share your comments below.

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