Kris Aquino appeared last night on Aquino and Abunda with a funkier and shorter hairdo. When Boy Abunda asked why she has cut her hair, she quipped, “…’pag may pinagdadaanan ka, it’s appropriate.” He then followed-up with another question whether the haircut was in relation to the current situation of her heart and her relationship, Kris added, “tapos na…time for a change… ayoko na ng heartache.”

This is apparently the shortest hair she has had since she was young.

Does this mean that she and her current date, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, are having some issues right now? Is this the end of their “short-term” relationship?

In a separate interview, Herbert’s long-time partner Tates Gana revealed and confirmed their two children, Athena (18) and Harvey (10) are experiencing some sort of depression right now after hearing that their dad is seeing another woman (who happens to be Kris). Tates and the children are scheduled to fly to the States to stay away from the issue and from the limelight.

Peg: Kris’s New Hairstyle 

Her son, Bimby, said that she now resembles to the pop icon and queen of twerks, Miley Cyrus…

On the set of Aquino & Abunda, Boy Abunda on the other hand said that her hair has similarities to singer Jessie J’s…

Kris thinks otherwise and believes that the style resembles the most to award-winning Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway’s short hair

Whatever it is, we’re completely in love with her new, short do (and light brown hair color)! In the coming weeks, expect more and more girls who will visit their local salons to cut their hair short in time for summer following the hairstyle of no other than the Queen of Talk. 

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