On Kris TV today, Kris Aquino revealed her favorite pillow brands/types: Tempur and the Japanese Buckwheat pillows.

TEMPUR (costs around Php 8,000)

tempur pillow traditional kris aquino

TEMPUR Traditional Pillow with model 2015 LR

What’s good about Tempur? Tempur pillows are ergonomic and supports your head & neck when you sleep.

The Buckwheat Pillows (costs around Php 2,500)

japanese buckwheat pillow kris aquino

buckwheat pillow kris aquino

Why the Buckwheat Pillow? They are made from the husks of buckwheat (grain-like seeds) which are excellent options to reduce aches and pains brought about by sleeping. These pillows are traditionally made in Japan and also in the U.S.

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