The founder/organizer of Laban ng Lahi said, “Yung pagkakawatak-watak ng mga Filipino, kung nadun tayo sa ibang bansa may grupo ng Caviteño, Ilonggo, may Bisaya, hindi nagkakaisa ang mga Filipino. So dito naman sa atin lagi nagmamayabang ang mga Ilonggo magagaling, ang mga Bisaya hindi rin naman magpapatalo, so since may ganito tayo na sort of tradition o kultura ginawa ko itong isang sports. Kailangan natin ipagalaban ang lahi natin, so kung ikaw naman ay Pampangeño, kung sino mang taga-Pampanga dyan kailang ninyong itaas ang bandera ng Pampanga.”

Laban ng Lahi is a Platoon Run competition wherein each platoon will represent a province of the Philippines. An advocacy or corporate group may join (representing one company on that area).• No age limit and and members from another place may join. (Read the mechanics below)

Quick notes:

The winning team will get Php3,000,000 cash tax-free + Php1,000,000 in the form of road concrete project + 350,000 cash for charity organizations. Second prize is Php800,000

Free plane ticket, accommodation and food for three days for the first 30 teams to register!

Senator Manny Pacquiao is one of the major sponsors (His donations: Php 1M) of the project as he believes in the advocacy of the Laban Ng Lahi 2018.  Col. Jonathan Baldevarona and Prof. Nolan Banda are also actively involved in this effort.



1 Team Manager
1 Asst. Team Manager/Team Dietician/Threapist
30+1 Actual Runners

– must have at least three (3) Female runners maximum of 10 foreigners (if there are any) otherwise the team will become a foreign team

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– must have at least two (2) foreign female runners and one (1)  Philippine Passport Holder Female runner.
– Must have at least three(3) Philippine Passport holder runners (2 males & 1 Female)


A. Registered Teams
Signified but no registration fee payment made yet until August 28, 2018 deadlinen
                       B. Officially Registered Teams
Paid Registration Fee before August 28, 2018 deadline
                      C. Open Registration
Registration Fee Payment made after the deadline. This registration is subject to the organizer’s approval for inclusion or not. Disapproval is based on the number of team participants.

Registration fee
(refundable if team volunteered to withdraw or team inclusion is disapproved)
LOCAL TEAM : P2,000.00/member or P66,000.00/team
FOREIGN TEAM: P3,000.00/member or P99,000.00/team

TEAM BANNER & GUIDON – must be prepared by the organizers and will be fitted to a  weight loaded stick

ABSOLUTE DISQUILIFICATION RULE: Team Banner or Guidon once folded, destroyed or lowered below head level automatically disqualifies the team. This is a no question ask rule

Shortest Time – 65%
Team Presentability – 13%
Chanting – 5%
Team Work – 9%
Team Support – 8%

For tickets, check out or at the venue. You may also get them at selected Iloilo municipal government centers (LGUs) as well.

For more information, here’s the official Facebook page:




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