Without trying too hard, Lyca Gairanod easily becomes one of the year’s biggest sensations.

Early 2021 saw Lyca Gairanod release her first ever single with Viva Records. And while that single, titled “Akala Ko Ba” didn’t exactly become a mainstream hit (yet a fan-favorite for sure), it was the gateway to Lyca’s collaboration with fellow Viva Records artist Bandang Lapis. Gairanod recorded an acoustic version of Bandang Lapis’ breakout hit “Kabilang Buhay” on the latter’s acoustic themed EP. And when Lyca did a solo version of “Kabilang Buhay” on the popular roving stage platform Wishbus, the song became  a viral hit. To date the song is one of the biggest songs of 2021 on the Wish’ YouTube channel with over 13 million views after it was uploaded last August.

Then there was her duet with her younger sister Hannah. The pair did a duet singing “Lason Mong Halik” and posted it on Facebook. The result was more than 5 million views as fans and netizens alike gushed about what great singers these siblings are. Just another day, another online post for Lyca.

Then there’s the more recent, “kelan ang birthday mo? November 21…oh my god! Birthday ko yun!” bit with Karen Davila that just went crazy, TikTok viral. Of course, due credit is given to Ms. Davila for her enthusiasm, but Lyca Gairanod’s reaction was priceless and that made all the difference.

So what does she think she has that made her went viral several times this year? To this she answered at length, “Hindi ko po talaga in-expect na mag-viral po yung mga videos na yan, kasi po, gusto ko lang mapasaya yung mga viewers ko.” She added, “’Di ko talaga po alam na mag-boom po sya and of course, with Ms. Karen (Davila) po, actually formal interview po sya, then nung na-upload na po, nag-boom po again yung  sa amin, so natuwa po kami kasi sobrang na appreciate po (ng viewers) yung effort namin and I’m very thankful po.”

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It’s definitely a good year for Lyca Gairanod, who without really trying, made a big blip on every Pinoy netizen’s radar with her right-place-at-the-right-time moves.

So, what’s next for Lyca Gairanod?

There’s music for sure. Just recently Lyca released a new single titled “Malapit Na Akong Mahulog Sa’yo.” A nice yearning love song for the young 17-year-old singer. One Viva Records exec said, “at this point, we’re trying different things for Lyca. She’s no longer that kid who impressed us all at The Voice Kids, she’s growing up and it’s important that we find her a niche in this industry. And we’re confident that we will, because she’s such a great voice to begin with.”

Lyca’s feet are planted firmly in the ground, if anything, with all the viral things she did this year, she’s just glad she’s doing what she loves doing. “Pinaka exciting pa rin po sa’kin yung nagkaroon ulit ako ng opportunities na magkaroon ng journey nitong 2021,” referring to when she signed up with Viva. Her goals are straightforward. Careerwise, she wishes “na maging mas mahaba pa po ang career ko.” On her mind is definitely her family. “For 2022, I wish na mas maging healthy po yung family ko and of course, maging ok na yung mundo natin.”  

And as Lyca Gairanod has proven time and again, she has a knack for doing the right thing at the right time, and people instantly take notice.  

And with assurance, Lyca Gairanod said, “siguro po mas marami pa (na darating). Abangan po nila.” 


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