Ivy Aguas might be dead… but Lily Cruz is back (more than ever!).

Last Tuesday (Oct. 10, 2017), “Wildflower” has hit a new all-time high national TV rating of 35.2%. “Thank you, Lord! We give back the glory to you. I am so proud of my ‘Wildflower’ family — to the whole cast, writers, creative team, directors, staff and crew. I salute everyone for a job well done. All the tiring and sleepless nights paid off!” says Wildflower’s lead star Maja Salvador (quote from press release).

Asked about the difference between the characters of Ivy Aguas and Lily Cruz, Maja said: “She (Lily) is braver and fiercer than Ivy Aguas! Lily will definitely step up her game since she is now free to be her true self —feisty, but with a heart especially for her family and the people of the Ardientes.”

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