Bea Alonzo a.k.a. Sari in “The Mistress”
Images courtesy of Star Cinema (ABS-CBN Film Productions)
Bea Alonzo‘s look as Sari in Star Cinema’s current offering The Mistress is a far cry from the stereotypical images of a querida (yes, we’re thinking of that vampy-red-lipstick-with-dangling-hoop-earrings look). Just like Anne Curtis in No Other Woman, Bea radiated class and elegance in this film. Reminiscent of a bride glowing on her Big Day, Bea had a consistent look throughout the whole film – fresh and minimalist. This inspired us to come up with a tutorial, our best attempt to recreate her lovely makeup in the publicity photos shown above. [Bea’s makeup for the pictorial was done by celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga.:)]
Take a look at our take on Bea’s girl-next-door yet sexy makeup:
As we observed, the key element in Bea’s look is the use of a neutral/nude palette. Neutral shades are the ones naturally found in the skin. The palette includes shades of cream, beige, and brown. Use of these colors accentuate the face’s natural contours without looking too made up. With just the right amount of product and light application, this look is guaranteed to give you an enhanced version of yourself.
So there, here are the steps:
  • Cleanse, tone, and prep your skin with moisturizer. Wait for 3-5 minutes before proceeding to the next steps to ensure the skin’s absorption of the product.
  • This next step is optional yet highly suggested. Use a makeup primer as base to make your foundation more long-lasting. The primer is known to even out the skin for a more flawless effect.
  • Spot-conceal your blemishes using a creamy concealer. Use this product sparingly as you might end up highlighting problem areas instead of hiding them.
  • Choose a liquid or cream foundation which perfectly matches your skin tone. Make sure you’re doing your makeup in a well-lit room to avoid getting your application too light or too dark.
  • Using a foundation brush, smooth a small amount of product onto the center of your face and blend outward. Just add some more product as needed. Remember that it is easier to build up the foundation through layering than remove excess product from your face.
  • Set the foundation by lightly dusting loose translucent powder all over your face with a powder brush. If you’ll be using a sponge that usually comes with the package, make sure you just dab it lightly on the face.
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Make sure you blend well that no hard edges are seen in your actual makeup appication.
Shades were made darker here for illustration purposes. 
1) It is advisable to do this step even before you start your foundation application. Groom the brows by removing stray hairs. Be careful not to overpluck/shave/thread to keep your look as natural as possible.
2) Frame your face with well-shaped eyebrows. For this look, you can achieve beautiful brows by simply following the natural arch. Fill in the sparse areas with a medium brown eyebrow pencil for a softer look. It is recommended that you use an eyebrow pencil (or powder if you’re used to using the brush) a shade or two lighter than the color of your eyebrow hair. Avoid using black as it may come out too strong. Follow this up by washing your whole eyelid area with a flesh-toned powder eyeshadow using a wide eyeshadow brush.
3) Apply a slightly darker shade (cream or beige) on the lower lid until the crease. 
4) Using a smaller eyeshadow brush, define the crease by sweeping a light brown or taupe eyeshadow. After defining the crease, build up on your application on the outer corners. Always remember that the first area you place your brush on should be the area you intend to concentrate on putting more color. Make sure you blend the colors well for a more natural effect. 
5) Apply black liquid eyeliner just on the upper lashline. Skip the lower lashline to keep the minimalist look. 
6) Curl your lashes and apply a heavy coat of black mascara. For a softer look, go for a dark brown shade. 
  • Using upward strokes with a blush brush, dust a soft pink blush on your cheeks. Apply a warm rose (or a slightly darker pink shade) blush under your cheekbones using a fan/contour brush. Our aim here is to create an illusion of more defined cheekbones. Blend well so there will be no visible hard edges.
  • Line your lips with flesh-toned or soft pink lip pencil to softly define the shape and fill in with lip color of the same shade. Use a semi-matte lipstick for the perfect creamy texture. If you’re using a matte product, you may swipe some clear lip gloss and blot.
The Mistress, directed by Olivia M. Lamasan (right),
is currently on its second week of showing.
Images courtesy of Star Cinema (ABS-CBN Film Productions)