Ai Ai Delas Alas is on her fourth year of being HOBE noodles‘ brand ambassador. Product endorsements come and go but this partnership remains for the country’s Comedy Queen as the business owners attest to her being an effective influencer. As shared by the company’s CEO Bobby Co during the contract signing, HOBE noodles’ sales tripled with Ai Ai’s endorsement. This only proves she continues to capture her audience as an actress, performer, businesswoman, and influencer. Ai Ai’s motherly image (the ultimate Tanging Ina) holds a strong connection with cooking. 

Aside from this brand partnership, Ai Ai is also busy managing top hiphop collective Ex Battalion, hosting GMA shows Sunday Pinasaya, The Clash, and has an upcoming Cinemalaya movie, School Service. She is also handling her businesses such as the Chang Ai Express restaurant at The Ignacia Place in Quezon City where the contract signing and mini presscon was held.

Effective partnership: Sales tripled with Ai Ai’s endorsement.

with HOBE Noodles CEO Bobby Co

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