Aside from representing a highly-acclaimed film entry Ma ‘Rosa by Brillante Mendoza, Andi Eigenmann and Maria Isabel Lopez also brought Pinoy pride as they showcased local fashion design through the pieces they wore. Andi‘s simple yet elegant outfits were made by Boom Sason and Patty Ang while veteran actress Maria Isabel wore an Albert Andrada number. Andi was included in the prestigious Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed list.


I have had my fair share of great ups and downs in the 25 years of my existence in this beautiful world, and you see, nothing makes life way more interesting than when our dreams come true. Let me just steal a little “beauty queen” moment for myself to encourage women like me to never give up on their dreams. To make sure to never be afraid to dream BIG. Because yesterday, my life long dream has finally come true. And what’s even sweeter is that it’s only the beginning. Yes, it will never be easy, and yes, it will be very tough. Tough, to the extent that we would ask ourselves if it’s time we give up. The key is to brush off all the negativity with your head held high because it will always come. And then we move on to focusing on the brighter things in life. These are what give life meaning. So just enjoy, and cherish every moment of the life you’re given, because we will always fall. It’s what we do about the opportunity to get back up once again, that matters most. I encourage all young women to spend our lives with positivity and love. To humbly and fearlessly live life for ourselves, because it is ours afterall. If I can do it, my dear, so can you. “Believe in yourself in all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”- Christian D. Larson **Big thanks to @boomsason for making me feel my most beatiful on this very special fay for me!

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