The newest onscreen partners, Gino Roque IV and Elisse Joson, play the “Who Am I?” guessing game in video streaming app iflix’s social media exclusive.


In case you missed it, Gino and Elisse topbill iflix’s romantic comedy series Beauty and the Boss.

The story

There is no greater feeling than meeting the love of your life, especially when it is in the most unexpected of places. iflix puts a twist on this classic storyline with its newest original series – Beauty And The Boss – which premiered last November 6.

The series talks about falling in love from the guy’s point-of-view. Rafa (played by Gino) breaks away from the family business and opens his own café. Stella (Elisse) is a young woman who applies for work at the café. Her hardworking go-getter attitude earns her high praise at work, but it’s her charisma and kindness that seem to be winning someone’s heart. How will their love story, surrounded by cupcakes and all kinds of sweet treats, play out? A new episode drops every week. 

After spending several months of working on the script, the story, and the casting, the team was all set to shoot. Then the pandemic and lockdown started. So they had to come up with an alternative. 

During the virtual mediacon, it was revealed that to keep everyone safe for the duration of the shoot, Roque and the rest of the production team decided to rent an entire resort and create a bubble to work within. Director James Mayo said that this helped them become more efficient with their daily shot lists and working schedule. In the end, they came out of it with a show they are truly proud of.  

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