If there’s anyone who can embody time-stopping glow, that would be actress-turned-politician Cristina Romualdez. She’s a mayor and a full-time mother, and amidst the stress she handles daily, you’d be surprised to see her looking 20 years younger.

When asked what her secret to her stress-free youthful look is, she said “I always believe that managing stress comes with self-discipline. Discipline to work hard and maintain a positive mindset, a strong body, and a fit soul. Holistic wellness, as I’d like to call it. Spending some me-time is a must so I don’t burn out. I usually go to the spa, read a book, and for my beauty secret, it’s 4 capsules of Dfyage a day. This heaven-sent supplement protects my body against free radicals & DNA damage – that’s why even if you look closely, you can’t see any wrinkles on my face now. I swear, it keeps me looking like I’m still in my 30s. I even carry Dfyage wherever I go because it’s a very effective oral sunblock. Worry-free talaga because now, I don’t need sticky sunscreens to protect myself from harmful UV rays.”

Her God-given beauty is enhanced by taking proven & tested supplements like Dfyage along with a healthy lifestyle. “When it comes to keeping my skin look radiant and youthful, I always consider getting proper nutrition and protection. A healthy lifestyle nurtures the mind and the body, so I stay physically active. And with the help of Dfyage, my cells are free from oxidative stress. It keeps my skin fully hydrated. No cell degeneration. No fine lines. No sagging skin. I couldn’t ask for more,” Cristina shared her secret.

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Owners / Brand Developers Mr. & Mrs. Olai & Roland Espiritu

Dfyage is first in the local and global market with the premium formulation of astaxanthin, L-glutathione, and tremella fuciformis; created by Olai Espiritu, the same woman who popularized & pioneered the use of glutathione in the Philippines. She said, “I wanted to develop a product that will solve all my skincare problems – aging, dry skin, uneven skin tone and the use of sticky sunscreen. Dfyage was a formulation downloaded from heaven and we want to glorify God because He is the one behind it all.” Whenever she creates something new, she’d drift to the verse, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Philippians‬ 4:13).

About the product

Dfyage is a powerful oral sunblock that keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized, bright and protected from the harmful rays of the sun & DNA damage. This super-antioxidant fights off free radicals and environmental stress by creating an invisible shield that blocks pollutants that cause premature aging. With this youth-boosting supplement, you’ll experience ultimate luxury and watch as it reverses the looks of fine lines and revives the look of youthful skin.


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