Endorsing international haircare brand Pantene is a dream come true for GMA Artist Center’s Gabbi Garcia. Bagging the role became extra special for our Kapuso actress as she stars in a TV commercial that will air in 10 countries. At 18, Gabbi is the first Filipina to be Pantene’s ambassador for Asia. Coincidentally, Encantadia’s Sang’gre Alena is also top fashion magazine Preview‘s cover girl for April. Gabbi found herself the subject of collaboration between two major brands this month.

Gabbi Garcia goes international. Her classic Filipina beauty shines in her stint as Pantene’s brand ambassador for Asia.

In a bloggers’ conference held earlier this month, Gabbi happily shared her shoot experience abroad. She flew all the way to Australia for the print and TVC campaign and got to work with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Olivier Staub, Sydney-based Hollywood stylist Ellie Goodman, celebrity hair stylist Ken Arthur, and top Filipino makeup artist Robbie Piñera. Gabbi got all giddy spilling all the details and expressed gratitude for getting these huge breaks at this point in her career. She pays tribute to her home network GMA and management team Artist Center for taking care of her and ensuring she gets the best (and her dream) projects. At such a young age, Gabbi is more than thrilled to have found her place in the industry. She sounded so driven to maximize the opportunities coming her way. After all, all these are products of her patience and hard work. Way to go, Gabbi!

Playful pose. Gabbi gamely gives in to our request for her to recreate her Preview cover look.

Giddy Gabby. Our Sang’gre Alena shares the happy details of her newest endorsement and cover girl experience.

Here’s Gabbi’s Pantene TVC to be aired in places including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. Watch her interview highlights to get to know more about the experience.

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How Gabbi got the role. GMA Artist Center AVP Simon Ferrer shares how the Kapuso star was chosen by Procter & Gamble to be its brand ambassador for Asia. 

Being chosen by Procter & Gamble. Gabbi Garcia shares how she was chosen as Pantene’s international endorser and her reaction upon finding it out.

Why Gabbi? GMAAC AVP Simon Ferrer shares his thoughts on why Gabbi was chosen by Procter & Gamble.

The TVC and print ad shoot in Australia. Gabbi shares the details of working with an international production crew for her Pantene endorsement.

Getting VIP treatment. Gabbi shares the excellent treatment she got from the international team she worked with abroad.

All-natural. Gabbi shares Pantene’s rule not to use hair extensions for the TVC and print ads.

On Pantene’s ‘Strong is Beautiful’ tagline. Gabbi shares her thoughts on living out her brand’s slogan.

Virgin hair and Pantene as a dream brand endorsement. Gabbi and GMAAC AVP Simon Ferrer share that the actress has expressed interest in the brand as a dream endorsement years back.

Gabbi views the behind-the-scenes footage from her Pantene shoot in Australia and the actual TVC with us.

Pantene x Preview for Gabbi. Top haircare and magazine brands collaborate for Gabbi Garcia’s feature.

Family’s reaction and support. Gabbi shares how her family reacted to her international endorsement deal.

Grateful to GMA Network and Artist Center. Gabbi pays tribute to her home network and management team.