The BL or boy love genre is undoubtedly taking the Philippines by storm. In the newest one airing this July 11, love will be bittersweet yet relatable. “In Between: sa pagitan ng kamusta at paalam is topbilled by athletes-turned-actors Migs Villasis and Genesis Redido under the direction of Briliant Juan.

Asked how In Between can be differentiated from other local BL series, Direk Bril said, “Kami, nilagyan ko talaga ng puso. ‘Yung tatak ng Pinoy na hugot. Tayo kasi, feeling ko very emotional ang Pilipino. Gusto ko na merong konting kirot sa puso. Hindi siya ganun ka-romcom. Meron siyang drama, pero hindi naman siya ganun ka-heavy.” The director further explained that the series aims to present the realities of a relationship between two men, especially long-time best friends, falling in love with each other. “Gusto ko kasi ma-feel ng audience na, ‘Uy meron akong kaibigan na mahal ko, hindi ko masabi’ or Uy meron akong kaibigan na nasabi ko na mahal ko pero hindi naging kami.’ Feeling ko marami sa’tin ‘yung magkakaibigan na na-fall talaga sila dun sa friends nila. Close to reality ang gusto namin mapakita.”

In Between is set to chronicle the emotions and sacrifices that relationships between two men entail. In particular, the series will delve into the love story of childhood best friends Taurus and Otep that will mirror the deep definition of the statement “Love wins.”

Random note: Aww! One of the lead actors admitted having apprehensions before accepting the role but eventually said yes for a heartwarming tribute.

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Genesis “Gen” Redido on paying tribute to his sister

Ako po, to be honest, pinag-isipan ko po talaga. Iba po kasi ‘yung mundo namin sa sports. Bago po sa’kin ‘to. Challenging ‘to. Drama! Hindi siya tulad ng typical BL na napapanood natin na kilig-kilig lang na napapanood po natin karamihan ngayon. More on naba-base sa mga kabataan ngayon. Na-challenge po ako dito kasi close to reality siya, drama siya. As a volleyball player, sanay naman po ako sa mga challenges, bakbakan, so challenge accepted po sa’kin ‘to. Gusto ko rin po kasi iregalo ito sa kapatid ko po kasi na trans [transgender] po. Iba po ‘yung suporta sa’kin ng kapatid kong ‘yun.”

Miguel “Migs” Villasis on readily accepting the role

Ako naman po marami akong friends from LGBT community. Narinig ko na rin po ang iba’t ibang love stories nila. Minsan naaawa ako, minsan natatawa ako. At minsan kinikilig ako. Kaya naman po nung in-offer sakin ni Direk Bril ‘tong project na’to, agad naman po akong nag-yes kasi alam ko naman po sa sarili ko na wala akong dapat ikatakot dahil ‘yung gagampanan po naming role at story po namin, makakapag-inspire ng marami.

Taurus and Otep — #TauTep

Open to falling in love for real?

Viewers are in for a heavy dose of kilig and a rollercoaster ride of emotions when In Between comes out. According to the two lead stars, they had a deeper appreciation and understanding of same-sex relationships because of their roles. Both of them even admitted during the press conference earlier today that while they are both straight men, they are not closing their doors on falling for each other in real life. If there’s one thing they learned from giving life to their #TauTep tandem, it is the fact that in the language of love, age, gender, and social status do not matter. Both Gen and Migs have become open-minded about and accepting of the struggles of LGBT couples.

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Direk Bril promised that he will bring his audience closer to reality with his brave and realistic execution of the story. This is also an attempt to make the Pinoy viewers more open to the BL genre. He wants more people to know that a man-to-man relationship goes beyond fun and flirting as often portrayed in the past. 

Will #TauTep kiss?

Asked about the trailer and if viewers should expect kissing and intimate scenes, Gen and Migs both laughed and seemed cautious not to spill the beans. “Basta hindi po namin kayo bibiguin, promise!,” Gen answered. Migs was quick to agree.

Catch the series at 8PM on Saturday, exclusively on USPHTV Youtube channel.

 “In Between : sa pagitan ng kamusta at paalam” the series is a co-production among Uncle Scott Global Productions, Unframed Film Production and Fringe Multimedia Production

Fun fact: In Between was initially produced as a commercial short film but was later turned into a series.

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