Earlier today, Kapamilya stars Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson broke their silence after months of being subjects of pregnancy rumors. The couple had individual teaser posts to a vlog entry in their joint Youtube channel, M&J. After months of speculation, Janella and Markus finally confirmed having a baby boy.

In the almost 30-minute Youtube video posted at 8PM, Janella and Markus shared the detailed documentation of Janella’s pregnancy and journey to motherhood. From maternity shoot behind-the-scenes, visits to the doctor, ultrasound sessions, gender reveal, to Janella getting an epidural right before giving birth, video clips and snippets were shared.

The young mom opened the video with her thoughts on motherhood and a heartwarming message for her son:

Hey, Jude, as I compose this, I am staring at your perfect little face with all the love I didn’t know I had in me. Feeling so many emotions but mostly excited that we’re finally going to introduce you to the world. Well, if I’m going to be honest, I was quite nervous about this day because I know how harsh the world can be.

If your dad and I could have you all to ourselves forever, in our quiet little world, we would. But that would be selfish. You’re too precious to not be shared. The world deserves to see the precious smiles you give us, the ones that melt our hearts. The world deserves to see you grow into your own unique self.

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I can’t believe you’re mine. It’s funny ’cause I’ve heard these words from every mother in the world and thought to myself, ‘How cliché does that sound?’ But now, I completely understand. It truly is the best feeling, something you can’t completely fathom until you go through it yourself.”

Squeezed into a montage of pregnancy journey clips are messages from Janella and Markus’ closest friends and family members.

LOOK, here are some of the significant people spotted in the vid:

Janella’s mom Jenine Desiderio and younger brother Russell:

I know you came to us as a surprise. You are one pleasant surprise we don’t mind having. We love you very much and I know that the whole world will love you just as much.

Janella’s dad, singer Juan Miguel Salvador:

Hey, Jude, it’s me, Toto. Welcome to the world. little one. Everybody’s waiting to see you. I can’t wait to see you. When things normalize, tell your mom and dad to bring you home right away so I can hold you, love you, and smother you with kisses. Even your Tata Cheryl can’t wait to see you. This is your Toto saying see you soon. I love you, baby!

Erich Gonzales:

Jude, finally, I cannot wait to see you, hug you, kiss you, squeeze you and bite your (I’m gigil na!) chubby, chubby cheeks. Please don’t grow up too fast. I know that you mean the world to your mom and dad and that they love you so, so much. Your Tita, Ninang Erich, will always be here for you, praying for you. May God bless and protect you always. I really cannot wait to see you. Come home na. I love you, Jude! Saranghe!

Kyle Echarri:

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Hey, Jude. You may not know me yet but I’m gonna introduce myself as your favorite ninong, Kyle. I’m gonna claim it. But I promise you, little, I’m always gonna be here for you. Your Uncle Kyle loves you so much. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait for you to grow older. I’ll teach you how to ride your first bicycle and motorcycle. We can play football together. I’m so excited to introduce you to the world. Just know that your parents love you so much ever since they heard about you. Especially your dad. I’ve never seen him more excited for anything in this world. Jude, just know that we are all gonna be here for you always. Uncle Kyle will always have a house for you. You can always come to me for whatever you need, even now. I love you, Jude. I can’t wait to meet you and for the world to meet you.

Janella’s The Killer Bride co-star and real-life aunt Maja Salvador:

I love you, I love you, baby Jude. I love you so much. Hindi pa kita nakikita sa personal. Pero ganun pala yun, Mahal na kita kaagad. Kasi, grabe ‘yung ginawa mo sa’min ng mommy mo. Isa kang malaking blessing. Akala ko after ng teleserye namin ng mommy mo hanggang dun na lang yung relationship namin but no. Mas naging strong yung relationship namin ng mommy mo. Ang dami naming bonding pa after ng teleserye namin. Tapos biglang heto ka, dumating ka sa buhay namin. Isa kang malaking blessing saming dalawa dahil mas tumibay yung relationship namin dahil sa’yo. Excited ako na umuwi ka para maiparamdam namin sa’yo kung gaano kita kamahal. Gusto ko lang sabihin, baby Jude, na kung gaano ko pinoprotektahan at minamahal ang iyong mommy, na si my Emma, ganun din, tripe, kuwadruple pa ang gagawin ko sa’yo. My Emma and Markus, congratulations! To my Emma, I’m so proud of you. Alam kong hindi madali ang lahat, hindi mag-yeyes sa lahat, but I’m so proud of you. Dahil in-embrace mo si baby Jude agad-agad sa buhay mo. I love you so much and I’m excited to see you soon. Sana matapos na ‘tong pandemic para magkakasama na tayo. I love you both.

Markus, who was evidently thrilled about being a father ended the video with a sweet message for his son:

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To my son, my firstborn, my darling boy, there isn’t enough words to express how much love I have for you. The minute I saw you I knew I would do anything in this world to protect you. And I can’t wait to introduce you to the world and hold you in my arms even until you think it’s uncool and get mad at me as you walk off to your friends. And yes, I will be that dad. You are loved forever and always by your mom and I. I welcome you, Jude Trevor Paterson, to the world.

WATCH the full video: