Kilig is a major source of joy for a lot of Filipinos when things become extra challenging. Romantic comedy never fail to bring us a breath of fresh air when times get hard. At their very best, romantic comedy series are sheer joy. They are about forging human connections and people bringing out the best from one another. It is a genre that’s about delivering joy and kilig to the audience. Watching romcom feels worthwhile because they rekindle our hope for love and the best that life can offer with its fair share of laughs in store for the viewers.

Justin Besana, the creative mind behind posters of critically-acclaimed movies is behind the colorful and quirky poster of Ming Tomas

Launched by the Philippines’ favorite pampagana, Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa, the new three-episode series “Ming Tomas” delivers the thrills that every kilig-hunter hopes to take comfort in. The series offers viewers everything that one should expect from the genre: a cast of lovably authentic characters that follow a storyline with the perfect emotional hook and laughs that will keep men and women of all ages glued to their screen.

Ming Tomas shows how fate brings together two individuals on different life paths to fall in love. On one hand, we have Ming, a sweet and dainty girl blessed with a ganado appetite, proving that anyone regardless of gender and physical build can be a true macho ganado with the perfect meal partner like Mang Tomas.  On the other hand, we have Tomas, a hardworking boy who has more sides than meets the eye. Each episode reveals several twists and turns to their love story that makes you excited and curious about what’s going to happen next.

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At the helm of the project are award-winning directors Joel Ferrer and Chris Cahilig. Shot exclusively on mobile phones with the guidance of Tristan Cua who’s dubbed as the father of mobile filmmaking in the Philippines, the video offers us a more intimate and immersive view into the lives of the characters. As a format, using mobile phone for filming made the series feel very authentic, almost as if you’re with the characters. Beyond sharing conversations over dinner, is there a more intimate experience these days than connecting through the phone screen?

You can catch the first two episodes of Ming Tomas for FREE on the Mang Tomas Facebook page and NutriAsia YouTube page, with the first episode “AngMANGhuhula” here, and the second episode “Ang GANAduo” here. You may also answer the question at the end of the episodes for a chance to win #MachoGanado gift packs. Like and follow the Mang Tomas Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates!



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