Funny memes and comments expressing disbelief went viral as soon as the full trailer of Star Cinema‘s My Ex and Whys came out. These were in response to Liza Soberano‘s “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ‘ko? Kapalit-palit ba ‘ko?” line in the film.  It’s a no-brainer why the reactions were outrageous. Clearly, even with disheveled hair and geeky glasses as her character Cali, Liza is far from lacking and looking ugly. It’s ironic to hear that line from one of the prettiest ladies in the country today.

Let these photos serve as proof:

#UnrulyHairDontCare When you got a face like that, it takes more than unruly bangs to cover your beauty.
Nope, not enough. The icing did very little damage.
They say beauty shines through even if you try to hide it. 😉 Up or down…
…left or right.
Not even the puppy filter on Snapchat can make her look bad.
Not even when she made it double!
That moment you realize Liza’s wacky face looks better than your glam shot.
While many would be mortified over leaked childhood pics,
…Liza’s copies show she was a goddess-in-the-making.
Looking great with or without makeup.
To the left…
To the right…
…Uwian na. 🙂

Photos and screenshot  courtesy of Star Cinema and Liza Soberano and Mickey See on Instagram

Catch Liza Soberano with Enrique Gil in My Ex and Whys this coming February 15. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina under Star Cinema.

Watch full trailer here:



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