I saw photos of a pretty girl in bikini shared by a LizQuen (Liza Soberano + Enrique Gil) fan and immediately thought it was Liza Soberano donning the sexy swimwear. What a surprise, I thought, since we often see her just in jeans and summer dresses. I noticed that LizQuen fans shared the same reaction based on their comments. Looks like we all thought she’s joining the list of celebrities with trending beach photos. Before writing the story, I found out that the girl in the photo isn’t Liza but commercial model and host Kriz Nuqui. Kriz is a dead ringer for the Kapamilya actress and they could pass off as twins when wearing sunnies (probably because of their similar face shape and smile). When her sunglasses are off, Kriz looks a lot different from Liza, but very pretty nonetheless.

So there, meet Liza Soberano’s lookalike, Kriz Nuqui:


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