“‘Yan ang purpose ng WenDeli, not just to sell but we’re also offering distributorship and reselling [opportunities],” actor-turned-entrepreneur Wendell Ramos told the press during a pocket interview at the WenDeli Meat House international franchising launch. The grand event was held at the City of Dreams Manila.

“Nag-start lang ito dahil maraming lumapit sa atin noong pandemic. Mabigat sa puso natin na kahit may naitabi ka, hindi mo lahat mapagbigyan. Ito real talk lang ito. Hindi naman biro mga lumapit sa ‘yo. Alam mong mga dating meron,” Wendell explained. “Fast forward, [I thought] paano kaya ako makakagawa ng isang bagay to help them? Eh tayo rin, hindi natin alam kung hanggang kailan tayo [meron].”

He had no idea that what was just a simple business idea at the height of the pandemic would blow up into something that turned global. A small frozen products business started by his wife turned into a big business that just launched international franchising opportunities for Filipinos abroad.

In case you missed it, WenDeli Meat House was conceptualized in 2020, when lockdowns were in place, as a way to offer Filipinos an alternative source of livelihood for their families. It was built on a creative idea with the proven expertise of Franchise Business Services Corporation and Commissary Kitchen in the F&B Industry.


The concept has quickly grown, with its array of high-quality ready-to-cook Filipino breakfast items that appealed to the market for both convenience and taste. From nationwide distribution, it has now become available outside of the Philippines to offer entrepreneurship opportunities on a global scale.

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To ensure that all products are fresh and of good quality according to Philippine and international food safety standards, Wendeli has expanded its commissary operations, with dedicated staff for food preparation and quality assurance. This makes sure that the gourmet Wendeli Meathouse products you serve your family are always fresh and delicious.

Wendeli Meathouse supports the Filipino spirit of entrepreneurship, with high-quality Pinoy gourmet deli products that are accessible to the local and global market.

Wendeli Meathouse envisions local and global expansion, to introduce quality Filipino food products to a wider market. This supports the Franchise vision to provide more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment through offering quality products and services.


Wendeli Longganisa

Carons or Spanish term “longaniza® which is a type of sausage, is so popular and integral in mast. tencins of the Philippines. Longganisa counts asyan al day food that can be enjoyed for breakfast, Unch or dinner. While longganisa varies in every ascion here in the Philippines, the commnd frenominator is garlic. Savor the richness ‘ Wery regio Longganisa with its meaty chunks and fragrant garlicky taste. Besr partnerichness of Wendelie., sunny side up egg and aichara as side dish for a delightful food experience.

Wendeli Beef Tapa

Rooted in the Sanskit word tapas which means “heat, a pre-Hispanic practice of drying bendies deer meat under the hot sun to preserve them. in Filipino cuisine, tapa most commonly denotes thinly sliced beef sirloin that is traditionally placed in a sweet, salty and tangy marinade made with calamansi or lemon and soy sauce, flavored with sugar and minced garlic. Wendeli Beef Tapa is not your typical tapa. Create your own famous tapsilog” with Wendell’s Beef Tapa. Indulge your taste buds with Wendeli’s various tapa flavors: Wendell’s Original Tapa flavor, tapa sweet and tapa spicy.

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Wendeli Tocino

Typically made from pork belly, tocino is bacon in Spanish and in the Philippines, tocino often refers to sweetened and cured pork belly with combination of spices and seasonings typically sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and pineapple or orange juice. Tocino combined with sunny side or scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice completed the tosilog meal, an everyday go-to meal especially for breakfast. With Wendeli’s Tocino, this juicy, delicious and easy-to-cook dish can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Wendeli Burger Patty

Considered as America’s favorite food, this delicious meat treat consists of minced beef with some salt and spices. Burger patties are usually placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun loaded with cheese, tomatoes, pickles and veggies. Burger patties can be cooked according to your preference, have it pan fried, grilled, smoked or flame broiled. Here in the Philippines, the Filipino-way of enjoying burger patties is commonly accompanied with rice with over-flowing rich thick gravy sauce. Craving for burger patties? Satisfy your meat cravings and grab a bite of Wendeli’s Burger Patty!

All flavors of tapa and tocino are available in 500grams, 350 grams and 250 grams packaging while Longganisa and Burger Patty are offered in half kilo packs.


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