YC&C Yang Charms & Crystals owner Ria Dimalanta beamed with joy as she shared with us how her LUCK-y business came about. She was a satisfied customer of celebrity Feng Shui expert Joy Lim  and started doing business with her after the overwhelming happiness and life-changing experience she had early this year. She attributed her success in business to Ms. Joy’s tips for luck, her positive mental attitude, and strong faith in God. As they say, feng shui practice could be strengthened by one’s religious faith.

Note: Ria and Ms. Joy just met January of this year but because of satisfaction from the transaction, she pushed for her first franchise to be built right away! Ria walks her talk as she wears her lucky bracelets all the time. What was even more interesting was seeing her husband and their business partner wearing a bunch of fashionable bracelets that have different meanings and symbolisms for luck.

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If the name Joy Lim seems familiar, it’s because she’s been around for more than two decades. She has a growing list of celebrity clients thanking her on different media platforms, has become a go-to resource person when it comes to feng shui, and her name is often flashed on TV acknowledgments. Some of her clients are today’s biggest names in the industry who have achieved great success in love, career, and finances.

How did it all start?

The sought-after feng shui expert started out as an accessory dealer in the ’90s who often went abroad to source her charms and crystals. In an attempt to help her best friend who then suffering from a love problem, Ms. Joy came up with an idea to make turn crystals into and make accessories out of what are known to be lucky elements and forms. Since she was born Chinese, practicing Feng Shui has been part of her family’s tradition. She decided to incorporate what she knows about the practice into improving her business. She studied even more and eventually, as luck and fate would have it, her generosity and thoughtfulness toward a friend returned a hundred fold. Success in different forms came and she did not stop from there.

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These days, she’s focused into giving. Every Wednesday, one-on-one and personalized consultations at the YC&C branch are held for FREE. These are done to ensure that a customer is getting the right products and applying Feng Shui based on his or her personal profile and feng shui’s long-held principles and practices. Ms. Joy is there to guide each customer every step of the way. Based from my experience, she’s such a fun person to talk to. Her genuine concern and eagerness to share good luck is easily seen and felt. As she herself said, Ms. Joy is already enjoying a good life and simply wants to give back and share the luck.

Check out the YC&C branch to find out which products fit your needs.



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