Eat Bulaga’s golden girl (and 1/2 of AlDub) Maine Mendoza is known to have a very packed schedule as a sought-after  celebrity so it’s refreshing to see photos of her on the beach with her college friends. On  Snapchat and Instagram, Maine posted photos from her weekend getaway and even placed short poems as photo captions. Without her saying, it does look like she wrote the poems herself.


Poem 1

Can I take a day off?
To wander off the streets
And drive along an endless road
Can I go alone?

Can I take a day off?
To break free from chaos
And marvel on my own
Can I go alone?

Can I take a day off?
To obtain serenity
And find my way to the shore
Can I go alone?

Let me take a day off
To save myself
And find what I lost
Let me go alone.

Poem 2

her thoughts were strewing on the surface
as she was floating on water
she was calm
as well as the ocean
and the ocean was deep
as well as her thoughts


Snapchat and Twitter posts:







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