The K-Pop dewy makeup look has been a peg for many in the beauty scene. However, in a tropical country like the Philippines, there is a fine line between appearing dewy and looking oily. You know what the industry experts associate oiliness with — sloppiness. Naturally, looking matte remains the beauty goal for a lot of us (and obsession for some!). The number of oil blotter and oil control film brands that promise a perfect touch-up is proof to this.

If you’re one of those still on the lookout for the perfect solution to oiliness, I’m happy to share my recent discovery – the Magiteque Liquipowder by Beverly Glow. There’s no need for constant wipe-off-the-grease moments which sometimes seem to trigger more oil production (just my observation). This may sound too good to be true but you’ll be surprised how the liquipowder is easily applied on your face within seconds. Spritz on a bit of Magiteque onto your face and gently but quickly and evenly spread it with the warmth of your hands, focusing on the oily parts of the face like the T-zone. I am emphasizing that you spread the product gently BUT QUICKLY because it transforms into a powdery finish in a matter of seconds. This serves as a make-up setting spray as well. RANDOM TIP: Just spray a little over your makeup, moisturizer, powder, or bare face and just gradually add more product as needed. Spraying too much of the liquipowder at once may result in a white cast. Practice the application and you’re in for an amazing and long-lasting (personally tried and tested!) effect.

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Magiteque Liquipowder is distributed by seasoned actress Beverly Salviejo. She shared how she struggled with excessive oiliness in the past and the mineral mattifier worked wonders for her. She proudly vouches for the product saying it’s organic and safe to use.

INTERESTING TIDBIT: Beverly uses Magiteque Liquipowder as an add-on product for her TV makeup. She shared how she achieved a flawless effect oncam for FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano with the mattifying spray.

MAGITEQUE LIQUIPOWDER. The product contains organic sulfur that can soften, oxygenate, hydrate and put on glow on one’s face, chelated magnesium that can control oiliness (its ionic calcium can provide one with a mattified look as well as any makeup fresh-looking and long-lasting at the same time) and 72 trace minerals that promote a younger-looking effect on the skin.

For more product information and before-and-after photos, visit the official Facebook page HERE.


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