“For me, it’s really all about taking care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally. Lahat ‘yan, important. That includes working out everyday, taking my supplements, and meditating. Because I do all those things regularly, the glow comes out more often,” GMA artist and To Have and To Hold star Max Collins revealed the secret to her glow at the digital media launch of her newest endorsement. Max is now the face of Japanese beauty brand Aqua Skin. “I am very particular with my schedule. I really make time for me-time and to make sure I’m taking care of myself,” she told GMA News’ showbiz correspondent Cata Tibayan.

Max’s signing with the brand marked its first anniversary in the Philippine market. She was officially welcomed through a grand launch graced by Aqua Skin’s officers – Senior Sales Representative Angela Lim, Marketing Manager Max Perez, and General Manager Jeffrey Amurao. GMA Artist Center executives were also present at the virtual event – GMA Artist Center Senior Assistant Vice-President for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara and Assistant Vice-President for Talent Imaging and Marketing Simoun Ferrer.

IN PHOTO: GMA Artist Center Senior Assistant Vice-President for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara and Assistant Vice-President for Talent Imaging and Marketing Simoun Ferrer

During the Q&A, Max shared that prior to agreeing to any endorsement, she makes sure she tries the products first. Max said, “I want to make sure they are premium products and reliable. I make sure I do my research and check what other people are saying before I say yes.”

As the interview progressed, Max revealed having experienced body-shaming as a kid who was on the heavy side. Recently, she also recalled being criticized as narcissistic for shedding off her pregnancy weight so quickly. Max clarified that what she was really after aside from making herself feel good was being able to take care of her son. “Nagpapayat ako for my health. I exercise regularly, I eat healthy because it’s important for me to feel good. It makes me a better mom for my son,” she said.

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When asked by Manila Bulletin entertainment editor Robert Requintina about having the mestiza skin type and if she ever wanted to be morena, the primetime actress readily admitted having those moments. She smilingly spilled, “Yeah! That happened a lot eh kasi lagi nilang sinasabi ‘pag mestiza ka, pang-kontrabida ka lang. I always got that. There are many times na gusto ko maging morena, hanggang ngayon, but wala akong magagawa eh.”

While both colorism and colonial mentality are still battles Filipinos deal with, what Max focuses on these days instead is embracing the skin she is in. All throughout the interview, how she prioritizes taking care of the body and skin she has really stood out. Max shared with Random Republika how pregnancy and her on-the-go schedule took a toll on her skin and what she did to conquer it.

“It really affected my skin. I am not super arte with my skincare. I just take supplements and vitamins and I make sure to go to my dermatologist para magpa-facial so I feel better about my skin,” Max detailed how she also went through bodily changes and dealt with lock-in tapings. However, she chooses to address things that are within her control.

“There are a lot of days when it’s not good but wala akong magagawa doon. We all have hormonal changes, we go through that phase. It’s more of just going with the flow and trying to make sure I’m eating healthy so I won’t break out,” she related.

In the end, Max revealed the product she would love to recommend to anyone curious about her new endorsement. “Definitely, [it’s] the Amino Collagen Powder because it is super easy to drink on the go. You just put it in any drink you choose – it could be soda, coffee, or juice. Lahat na. It could It really makes a difference and we need collagen to hydrate our skin and regenerate new skin cells. I would highly recommend it,” she said.

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