Viva Artists Agency talent Avon Rosales is slowly taking her place in show business. Last year, her single HAWAK was launched by her talent agency’s sister company, Viva Records. The heartwarming song is now available on Spotify  and other digital music platforms. The music video is also uploaded on Viva Records’ official Youtube channel.

Here’s my quick chat with Avon to get to know her beyond being a budding singer and a graduate of Criminology, Law, and Society from the University of California – Irvine and Keller Graduate School of Management.

When did you start singing or discover you have the talent for it?

I have been singing every now and then during school events but nothing really serious. I remember how singing karaoke was my stress reliever from a busy corporate job back when I haven’t considered yet an artist as a career. Not until couple years ago when I got involve in the Filipino-American events that I eventually wanted to take it seriously. I flew back here initially to pursue acting but I was given a chance last year to explore my music and be able to release a track.

Did you have formal voice lessons and how did you get into mainstream recording?

Photo courtesy of Avon Rosales

I did have a formal voice lesson, and up until now I am still training. When I started off my career in singing, I wasn’t aware how serious it is to be singer yet. I thought, “Oh you can sing then you can keep going.” Going through the process taught me what a craft singing really is and how it conveys a message that one must put her heart in it.
With my first track released last year, the composer and I worked on it all through out the music production. That’s when I learned the process of also producing it. Blessed with Viva management, they helped us put in in the mainstream.

For your single Hawak, who thought of the song and its music video?

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It was an original composition of my good friend and an aspiring director, Lexian Losley Avestruz. The core concept was his, although we developed it together as we went through and along the process of music and film production. It was originally made by the composer as a worship song until we agreed that since we are entering a mainstream audience that make it more into an inspirational and translate it in a more personal and have the message be experienced relevant to the audience.

Why highlight about your dad? How’s your relationship with him?

As I explained earlier, it was primarily a worship song which is the figure of “The Father” who “Holds” (“HAWAK”) or perhaps having that strong GRIP to our hands (His son). I intently dedicate the song to both our parents who can only give us that unconditional love in this world, perhaps similar if not close to the great love of our “Father” in heaven. I used the “father” figure in the music video because as we can visualize and physically experience, men were given the highest authority and responsibility, biblically spoken. On the other hand, I personally have a very similar relationship to my father in the music video. Like any teenager, I grew up having the love of my parents taken for granted at times, knowing they are just around. There was a rebellious stage of my life where I thought my friends or even my boyfriend is more important than my family or parents to the point of disobedience. But when life teaches you a lesson, strikes you with trials, and takes something from you, that’s when you’ll find out the reality. That’s when you’ll know who will not leave (ang hindi ka bibitawan at naka-HAWAK sayo) the whole time (kahit pa bumitaw ka). That’s the message I also wanted to send out to the youth, having also heard multiple or similar stories to mine.

Is there any similarity of your real-life dad to the one being depicted in the music video?

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Very similar. Except that he is not a single Dad and my Mom is with us. It is very similar in a way that he is such a great provider, that I have rebelled at some point of my life, and that he witnessed my heart being broken. There were times that I have taken him for granted and like any other relationship, we have learned to reconcile those mistakes, accept each other as family, love, forgive, and be there for each other.

WATCH the music video here:

What is your fondest memory of your dad?

When I had my heart broken and I ran into him. I hugged him. For the first time in my adult life, I was able to hug him again. Kasi ‘pag teenager ka, di ba, may point na nahihiya ako mag- I love you, mag-hug and tell him how much I love him and sorry I was. He just listened and hugged me in return.

What do you intend to convey through your single?

I wanted to bring our youth into awareness of the importance of our family, being family oriented as part of our culture. It’s not just highlighting the importance but also honoring our parents could bring blessings to our lives and prevent us from experiencing heartaches just as how the Bible teaches. However, I would also like to convey message of forgiveness, acceptance, and love for a family member who can so often hurt us the most but at the same time can’t forsake us.

Who are your musical influences?

Variety of singers but I remember the very moment that flamed my dream was the audition video of Lea Salonga for Miss Saigon. I thought to myself, “I wish I could be like her one day.”

At this point that you’re slowly making a name for yourself, do you have dream collaborations, local and international?

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Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars

Are you also into songwriting?

It hasn’t crossed my mind yet but eventually I would love to write my own song.

What’s next for you?

My next single is a journey growing from family love to a search for a partner in life or One True Love. It is a hopeful journey of finding that one true love after going through some tough times being heartbroken.

To give you a peek, here’s the lyrics to the song Until Now:

I was afraid, our love would fade
I couldn’t give my heart
I guess that I thought every guy
Would tear my world apart
This fairytales left me with thousand questions
When our eyes met, I felt that connection


Until Now, until you
Came and made my dreams come true
I couldn’t trust until you showed me how
Yesterday’s melt away
Now I’m living for today
I didn’t know what love was all about
Until Now

You hold my hand
And understand my every secret thought
And what we feel is much to real
So kiss me and don’t stop
Cause I can’t hide a thing when we’re together
Could it be we stumbled on forever

Repeat Chorus

I felt the strong emotions
I didn’t know that I was lost
Till I was found

Repeat Chorus

Until Now, until you
Came and made my dreams come true
I couldn’t trust until you showed me how
Yesterday’s melt away
Now I’m living for today
I didn’t know what love was all about

I didn’t know what love was all about
Until Now

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