Will Miss Philippines’ Mary Jean Lastimosa finally take home the Miss Universe crown? We’ll all find out on January 25, 2015 (Sunday, 8-11 p.m. ET).

Meanwhile, we checked out her page on MissUniverse.com, and here’s what we found out:

Miss Philippines' Mary Jean Lastimosa

AGE: 27

HOMETOWN: North Cotabato

HEIGHT: 5’ 9”

LANGUAGE: Filipino, English


Mary Jean Lastimosa is a beauty queen with an unwavering passion for charity and public service. Born in a war-torn province with political insurgencies, she learned the values of courage and became determined to excel in academics. Her surroundings did not stop her from pursuing her passion for dancing, music and performance arts. This also inspired her to work under the city government to work on education and child welfare projects. She took on the challenging course of Computer Engineering with the help of three scholarships and graduated with flying colors. Faith brought her to a different path and led her to be a successful entrepreneur and a beauty queen.


Mary Jean Lastimosa when she was still a kid
Mary Jean Lastimosa when she was still a kid


  1. Since high school, Mary Jean has always been deemed by her friends as the ‘love doctor,’ giving advice about relationships.
  2. She likes visiting theme parks in different countries. She can spend her whole day trying out all the rides in theme parks over and over again.
  3. She says she is a kid magnet. There was an instance during an outreach event where the baby she was playing with wouldn’t go with her mom when she needed to take her for an operation. The baby cried so hard because she wanted Mary Jean to carry her, and so she ended up being the one to take her inside the operating room.
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Missossology, one of the most trusted and reliable beauty pageant websites in the world, has consistently included Miss Philippines in their Top 20 favorite candidates. Looks like we have another fighting chance of entering the final rounds of the competition. Best of luck, MJ!

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