This is the second MMFF film entry I’ve watched this year (the first one was “English Only” – which I highly applaud). Was I thrilled watching Kris Aquino and Coco Martin’s “Feng Shui 2″? Sure! Did I love it more than the first one? That, I’m not sure.

Given that this second instalment was produced 10 years after the first of the series was released (which stars Kris as well), there were definitely major advancements made in this new Chito S. Roñmovie. Clearly, the cinematography was way better this year. Set locations (especially the shots in Chinatown) were pretty much engaging and it almost felt like I was watching a Thai or Hongkie film.

Although there were a lot more clichés and expected scenarios in the new instalment, the visual experience and musical scoring brought the simple plot to life.

Horror is not Coco’s genre and his lackluster performance was rather stale. We know his skills and capacity as an actor, hence it will be good to to see him do what he still does best: hardcore drama.

Kris, on the other hand, was noticably more brilliant as compared to her horror stints in the past. Her expressions were more believable and probably less laugh-inducing now.

I’ve had low expectations for Feng Shui before watching it, but I think this MMFF film is not that bad. Thanks to the overall production which was tastefully done. Ten years after, this Pinoy horror flick still got me shrieking!

Movie Poster
Movie Poster


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