These past few days have been extremely exhausting. Moving houses isn’t exactly an easy feat; I’ve lived in Singapore for over six years now and have already stayed in about eight flats around town.

Back in 2008, I only brought two luggage bags with me when I decided to find a living in Singapore from Manila. Now, I have a little over 50 cartons-worth of things–from clothes, shoes, books, kitchenware, bathroom cleaning materials, a 3-panel wardrobe, a 32-inch TV, among many others.

Heard from a friend that I can book cheaper lorries through the GoGoVan mobile app. It’s really very similar to how the Uber or GrabTaxi app works; download the app and start searching for the nearest available van. If you just need a truck with no manpower required (provided you carry all your boxes yourself), the rate is roughly around $30-40, depending on the distance to be covered.

lorrie service moving out

moving out box

When we unloaded all our things in our small new flat, it was a total disaster. Felt like it was a venue for some relief operations. It was boxes all over. It was chaos. And usually I don’t last long in chaotic places… thank god I had the patience to endure this.

new house at commonwealthAs some things were not provided by our landlord, we needed to buy a couple of items from Ikea such as a new wardrobe, bedroom mirrors, and a few other decors.

ikea plantsFor a week, we slept at around 12 midnight and have been waking up at around 7 a.m. every day to clear the boxes one by one. At last, we succeeded in making our house look more presentable and liveable. And the result was something my flatmates and I are proud of.

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Here’s a little snapshot of our humble abode…

new house at commonwealth living room