Known to a lot of AlDub fans, Maine Mendoza had a special relationship with a college friend prior to her showbiz career. Eat Bulaga’s phenomenal star has been open about the said relationship (mutual understanding) in her old social media posts.  A guy named Miggy (who is now based in the US) has been constantly mentioned in Maine’s past Twitter and blog entries. However, it has long been established, as early as AlDub’s birth, that Maine is single and not part of any relationship.

Maine mendoza miggy
Cropped photo from Maine Mendoza’s old blog entry

Given the recent online talks circulating online (which Maine referred to as malicious stories) that Maine and Miggy are keeping a secret relationship from the public (with stories including secret plans of meeting up in the US), a netizen posed a question on Maine’s new account (@mainemendoza0395). The Kalyeserye star boldly replied a few hours ago to address and put an end to the issue.


The question from an anonymous netizen:

“Sana linawin mo ung about sa inyo ni Miguel ba un?? Kc kumakalat ung pics. Nyo, sana ma-clear un, if kau edi ok if not edi ok din, atleast naging honest ka, kc minsan ang unfair na kay Alden si Alden puro chismis lng ung kanya pero grabe sya i-bash while ikaw maraming proofs pinagtatanggol ka pa din”

Maine Mendoza’s response (August 31, 2016):

“What do you want to know about Miggy/us? The reason why I am not speaking about this matter is because whatever it is that you see/read on social media about us having a “secret relationship” is not true–AT ALL. You see, some people keep on digging up old photos and tweets, making up different (malicious) stories about them, talking trash about me and creating issues about everything for only one MAJOR REASON– my mere existence annoys the f out of them. In other words, they hate me so much and they aim to bring me down the quickest and the dirtiest way possible. They create issues (and drag different people) because they aim to manipulate and sway others to hate me as well– brainwash, kumbaga.

Here’s the thing.. Trolls will remain trolls; they can and will make up stories whenever they want and there is nothing we can do to stop them from making their lives less miserable. More issues and allegations will be thrown at me as I go along but for as long as I know the truth then I don’t see any reason for me to explain myself. It’s up to you if you are going to let yourself be deceived. (Tip: don’t) Don’t let em derail you.

Poor Miggy being dragged into this whole thing. Spare the guy from all the crap. Nananahimik yung tao. And by the way, Miggy and I are just friends–nothing more.”


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