I rarely watch comedy films whenever the Metro Manila Film Festival is on. I think the last time I did was in 2006 when Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo was an entry. This year, I have to admit, I watched My Bebe Love on the second day of showing as curiosity got the best of me. On Christmas day when the festival kicked off, MBL tickets were SOLD OUT early at the nearest movie theater and our Random Republika Twitter timeline was flooded with both raves and rants (you probably know about the ticket-swapping issue by now!) about the film. Of course, I am also fully aware of the AlDub craze as I closely monitor Kalyeserye and the loveteam’s developments so I got even more curious about their first big screen project.

My Bebe Love is what the trailers and promotions promised it would be – a film filled with good vibes and insights on love. I believe that you’ll love the film if you’re an AlDub fan as the two (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza) were given the chance to let go of their Kalyeserye characters. Maine was far from her Yaya Dub character as the bratty and rebellious Anna and Alden showed a different side of him as geeky and lovestruck Dondi. Vic Sotto was also not in his usual element as his character allowed him to exude a sophisticated appeal this time. AiAi Delas Alas was the closest to her usual movie characters – loud, flamboyant, and with a colorful sense of fashion.  Based on the response inside the cinema (girls and grandmas were shrieking when Alden appeared onscreen!), the four main characters were successful in tickling the Pinoy audience’s funny bone.

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There was one who stood out among the cast members despite her minimal exposure – Valeen Montenegro who played the role of executive assistant to Vic Sotto’s character. Through this film, you can see that the Kapuso actress can deliver and she definitely deserves better exposure in future projects. You should also watch out for several cameo appearances throughout the film.

In my point of view, appreciation of My Bebe Love is dependent on one’s taste.  The film caters to a very specific market (a big one in this country!) – one that still enjoys the kind of comedy that uses big actions, exaggerated facial expressions, and explicit punchlines. There are those I got to talk to who are not so big on this kind of theatrical approach and are more into the subtle punchline delivery used in films like Walang Forever.  To illustrate,  there’s a stark difference between the kind of humor used in My Bebe Love and the other MMFF entry Walang Forever. Given that, you probably have an idea now on which category you belong to. Even with current and modern concepts injected into the film, My Bebe Love is still very much into the Filipino’s traditional concept of what is funny and comedic.  If you loved Vic Sotto’s and AiAi Delas Alas’ films in the past, then you’ll surely love this one.

The trailer:


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