In a grand media launch last Tuesday, January 24, Marikit Artist Management was officially launched. The talent agency aims to be the home to fresh faces, seasoned and high-caliber actors, and actresses while targeting brands through campaigns, films, and live shows. 

Marikit is the perfect name to capture the business as it exemplifies the word’s Filipino meaning that pertains to beauty and charm. The artist management group has the vision to be the go-to agency for talents that encapsulate the quintessential Filipino charm.   

Marikit CEO Joseph Aleta

“‘Yung Marikit kasi, gusto namin mag-search across regions para maiba. Naniniwala akong maraming aspiring local talents around the Philippines like Visayas and Mindanao,” Marikit CEO Joseph Aleta shared. “Gusto namin silang mainvite para ang Marikit ang maging vehicle nila para mapenetrate ang mainstream.”

The management strives to sign up actors and actresses from all over the country, not just Metro Manila.

“Bakit Marikit? Simple pero gusto namin unique,” the CEO explained. “We want to establish something na kakaiba. Hindi lang po sa maganda tayo naka-base but we want to go deeper. We are also looking into the character, the skills. More than just the surface na maganda lang. Beauty goes beyond the appearance,” Marikit talent manager Melai Camagan added.

Marikit talent manager Melai Camagan

Marikit Artist Management plans to produce shows, television commercials, and other campaigns. It is committed to carrying out its vision of launching fresh faces and reintroducing seasoned talents who deserve breaks.

Asked what Marikit’s strategy would be, branding director Yannie Tui proudly responded, “When I jumped onboard, I was involved in the process of selection. Ako, sinasabi ko ‘yung mga gusto ko or nakikita kong points. Ito pong mga batang ito at mga nagguguwapuhang Masculados sa likod, piling-pili po talaga out of all ng mga ininterview namin since October.”

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Marikit branding director Yannie Tui

Yannie shared the challenge of reintroducing previously launched stars who already have awards under their belt or are associated to specific projects in the past. They are gearing towards presenting Charles Angeles, Jeremy Luis, Kyle Ocampo, Angelika Santiago, Barbara Miguel, and the Masculados on mainstream and social media as fresh and exciting stars to watch.

It was emphasized that more than being an agency, Marikit aims to be a family. No promises were made to the talents who signed up. “We will grow together in the industry. Marikit is a baby. Bagong page ito para sa artists,” Yannie said.

Here are the agency’s current talents:

Masculados: Robin Robel, Nico Cordova, David Karell, Enrico Mofar, Orlando Sol, and Richard Yumul

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