Versatility is a gift Vice Ganda has been blessed with. We know him as the loud comedian who can get away with poking fun at celebrities and making politicians dance on television or the creative person who can come up with the next trending expressions you’ll hear on the streets the next day. What makes him stand out even more is his ability to shift from one persona to another. As a host, that makes him dependable.

In a new series on his Youtube channel, Vice mixes his gift of gab with charisma as he visibly makes his guests comfortable enough to open up to him about personal matters. In an episode, Kylie Verzosa exclusively pours her heart out to Vice. In a more recent one, beauty queen and It’s Showtime hurado Nicole Cordoves took her turn to share her personal journey of ending a long-time relationship and healing a broken heart. Vice brought out the other side of the usually prim-and-proper and serious host.

As Nicole gamely detailed what she went and is still going through, Vice interjected with quips that have double meanings to make things light. The two had a smooth conversation filled with relatable anecdotes and wisdom-filled advice. What was supposed to be a heavy and serious topic turned out to be a fun and insightful interview.


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