While other people find it hard to commit to certain causes and aspects in their lives, here I am signing up to a new one: a nine-month volunteer program in an organization that helps female foreign domestic helpers in Singapore in the areas of money management, leadership skills, computer literacy and basic confidence.

I’m volunteering my entire Sunday, basically.

I may just seem bored or uneventful every weekend, but the thing is — I just had to do it, regardless if I don’t have any personal lifechanging reasons to join.

Volunteering is a form of an expression, a language sitting deep inside my inner core, hoping to get recognized every now and then. It’s a space where I enter a state of trance: hearing other people’s stories and just being in their presence.

I am not an active volunteer myself — and I thank every chance there is for me to full realize my altruistic self.

This afternoon at the AIDHA center for their introduction program, I was clasping my hands while listening to the speaker. I remember what my former boss-mentor told me in my previous office a few years back, “You have pretty hands. Hands of creativity and hands of service.”

They are working hands indeed. Who knew they will be made to do such?

I know I am capable just as I am incapable in helping out people, but despite my incompetencies, these doesn’t stop me from committing nonetheless.

About AIDHA Singapore

Since 2006, Aidha has impacted over 2,800 foreign domestic workers in Singapore! They are women who have had to leave their homes and families and travel abroad in search of employment opportunities that would hopefully create brighter futures for themselves and their families back home.

We provide training programmes in financial literacy and self-development skills that we believe will enable a woman to have more opportunities and choice in the future.  Our classes in money management, computer literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial skills have enabled many of our students to set up their own businesses and make productive investments in their home countries, providing more sustainable options for themselves, their families and their communities.

Visit their website to learn more: http://www.aidha.org/

UWCASEA united world college dover aidha singapore sunday class with foreign domestic workers

aidha singapore united world college dover

aidha at UWCLA united world college singapore

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