Gangnam Style – Pinoy Style Music Video by Green Mango 
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Screenshots: Eric Tai, Ryan Bang, Anne Curtis, Christian Bautista


The Korean craze “Gangnam Style” is taking the world by storm. Barely two months after its release last July, this K-pop single by South Korean rapper PSY has become an international hit. Constantly trending on Twitter, the original Gangnam Style music video has reached more than 160 million views! The song is undoubtedly catchy and has this strong recall. As a matter of fact, it’s so sticky you’d catch yourself singing a line or two out of nowhere.;) That’s why we’re not surprised this dance craze has spawned numerous videos all over the world mimicking the lead star’s signature horseback riding moves.

In the Philippines, where Korean pop culture has a huge following, a new spoof video featuring local celebrities is starting to go viral. Spotted in it are Showtime stars Eric Tai, Jugs Jugueta,Coleen Garcia, Ryan Bang, Billy Crawford, and Anne Curtis. Also in the lineup are Rovilson Fernandez, Megan Young, Jinno Rufino, Randy Santiago, Young JV, Tim Yap, Christian Bautista, Gab Valenciano, Slater Young, and showbiz reporters Gretchen Fullido and Ginger Conejero.
Check out the video here:
Video: Youtube (uploaded by GRNMNGO)
The Original Music Video: 
Video: Youtube (uploaded by officialPSY)

Romanized Korean Lyrics + English Translation:

Video: Youtube (uploaded by finieyz hiwari)
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