They say once you share your goals to the world, there’s a higher chance you will achieve them. Aside from the motivation and support (or plausibly, ridicule as well) you will get from your peers, sharing your bucket list may also make you more accountable as more people get involved.

We’ve bid goodbye to 2016, and 2017 opens up a new road for novel adventures, journeys, and successes.

Here’s a list of the items I wish to embark on this year — journey with me to the life unknown?

  1. Complete a formal dance workshop (in either hip hop or contemporary) and be able to perform in a dance concert/recital in front of a big audience.
  2. Attend regular yoga sessions and be able to carry myself (by doing at least a frog stand / sarvangasana) and be way more flexible (do halasana / chakrasana) than I am today by the end of the year.
  3. Achieve and, later on, maintain an ideal weight of 70 kg.
  4. Travel to Australia (with the family), Spain, China, Japan, Chiang Mai, or New Zealand. Travel to somewhere exotic (yet safe!).
  5. Do another solo trip.
  6. Save SG$xx,xxx in my bank account.
  7. Find an exciting, financially-rewarding, personally-fulfilling new job (complete with all the employee benefits plus commissions and bonuses) by 2nd quarter of 2017.
  8. My family and I to stay fit and healthy.
  9. Meet a new set of really good friends in Singapore that I will be friends with for a very long time.
  10. Get us/our blog be featured in a TV show, magazine or newspaper in relation to something we’ve done that’s inspirational/aspirational to many.
  11. Get media invites to international events/concerts/projects
  12. Be able to produce a creative and inspirational project that will influence a good number of people.
  13. Start a new business with the family that will really be successful.
  14. Travel for work to different destinations outside Singapore/Philippines.
  15. Book a holiday with my closest friends to a new destination.
  16. Fall in love again.
  17. Re-learn how to drive a car. Go on a fun, road trip.
  18. Meet a life coach or someone who’s really inspirational.
  19. Serve in the church regularly.
  20. See a rainbow!
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