Through the years, Filipinos have developed a strong fascination for fantasy and fictional universes from both local and international productions. Comics and fantaseryes have a massive fanbase. This year, fans are in for a new treat as BluArt Productions and ProMovi Studios, Inc. launch the legend of Pangaea. It is made up of an interesting history and lineup of characters. The multimedia project is laudable for its aim to educate today’s millennials on our local mythology and legends.

Here’s the lowdown on the much-awaited project:



“Over the course of the planet’s 3.5 billion-year history, several super continents have formed and broken up. This breakup and formation of supercontinents has dramatically altered our planet’s history.

About 300 million years ago, Earth did not have seven continents, but instead one massive continent which was surrounded by a single ocean. This supercontinent is called PANGAEA.

It is said that in the legend of PANGAEA, powerful beings walked among mortals. These beings were known as the WARINGANS.

Ang mga Waringan ay kasalimuha at katulong ng mga tao. Payapang napananatili ng mga Waringan at ng mga tao ang balanse ng sangkalupaan.

As time passed by, unti-unting nakalimutan ng mga tao ang kabutihan sa kanila ng mga Waringan. And the Waringans didn’t take it lightly. Para sa kanila naging ingrato ang mga tao. So they wanted to annihilate them.

But the Supreme Waringan— TUNGKUNG LANGIT would not let it happen. He protected the mortals from the wrath of the Waringans. Ihinawalay nya ang mundo ng mga Waringan sa mundo ng mga tao sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng makapangyarihang bakod— the DIMENSION GATE. Gumalaw ang lupa at nagkahiwa- hiwalay ang mga kontinente.

Mahigpit na ipinag-utos ni Tungkung Langit na walang Waringan ang maaaring tumawid at muling makihalubilo sa mundo ng mga tao. Upang makasiguro na walang Waringan ang makalalabas at gagambala sa mundo ng mga tao, Tungkung Langit assigned several of his LOYAL WARINGANS para bantayan ang kanyang kautusan. Tungkung Langit gave them immortality and powers that they channel through their mementos.

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And for millennia, the GUARDIAN WARINGANS have been protecting the mortal world against the vengeful and wrathful Waringans.”

[WATCH] All About the WARINGANS:


Ang Tres Dragonessi Bitoy, si Ogie, at ang kanilang lider na si MANDYMandirigma “Mandy” Mangubat lives with his maternal grandfather, LOLO JOESanggol pa lang si Mandy nang maiwan siya kay Lolo Joe.

ANINA is the mysterious woman na naging daan para makilala ni Mandyang Bigtime boss na si DAMIAN MACARAIGDamian wants Mandy to help him find ABEL GATMAYTAN. Abel has now in possession a very powerful artefact na maaaring magbukas ng “dimension gate” sa pagitan ng mortal world at ng Waringan world. Dahil dito nanganganib ang mundo.

Sa paghahanap ni Mandy kay Abel Gatmaytan, makikilala nya si YNEZ na tutulong sa kanya. But the truth is, si Ynez ang malaking hadlang papunta kay Abel. As his journey escalates, matutuklasan ni Mandy ang mundo ng mga Waringan. This is where our story begins— Mandy in his quest on finding Abel and his mythical weapon.”


For more updates on how the adventure will unfold, like Pangaea PH‘s Facebook page HERE.


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