This is really shameless. I’m not fond of taking selfies. Worst, if it involves topless photos.

Pardon me if you feel like puking after seeing my photo above.

But nonetheless, I’ve promised to talk about my journey to a “healthy me” in my last post (read post here: February 24, 2015). In fact, I’ve committed to write about it after a 30-day period. But the changes in my body weren’t that obvious then.

And so I’ve waited for another month to see if there were any improvements…

Since I first wrote about my first blog post about being overweight, I gained a lot of positive and inspiring feedback from friends who have read the article. It was pretty uplifting.

I guess if I didn’t continue the challenge, the only person I will be cheating will be myself.

And so I tried to remain consistent:

Nowadays, I try to wake up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than my usual wake up time.

I’ve been exercising at least 4x-5x a week (for at least 30 minutes – with priorities on cardio exercises).

Sometimes, I even do 2 workouts per day – one in the morning and another at night.

Believe me, it’s always a challenge to wake up in the morning to stretch out your arms and guts!

In the morning, I’ve been utilizing the small park located just adjacent our new flat more frequently as my exercise area — to skip-rope, do monkey bar pull-ups, push-ups, and just run around the bicycle lane for a good 15-20 minute cardio exercise.

And if I’m still not tired after work, I go to the gym to lift some weights and to run on a treadmill.

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When it comes to food — I’ve already been trying to ignore sugar for almost two months. No more ice lemon teas and chocolates for me. No more donuts and Bread Talks too.

But the only thing I can’t let go of is my favorite perk-me-up morning coffee (Kopi C) from a local store. I know — it still has evaporated milk and sugar. But good thing I’ve learned a new Singaporean term recently, “siew tai,” which translates to “less sugar.” I usually use this phrase whenever I order coffee (to help me moderate my daily sugar intake).

I’ve finished one round of General Motors Diet too. It’s a seven-day diet which is quite strict with the types of food you eat on a daily basis. People often say, crash diets don’t usually work as you tend to gain everything back after your week-long period of “starvation.”

But hey, losing three to four kilos after a week isn’t bad at all especially when you see results in your body shape that fast. And this has been working for me. You should try it out too!

So my perfect idea was to kickstart my healthy eating following the dietary rules of GM Diet—that way my body gets more used to eating veggies and fruits and less of carb-filled food—and sustain this eating routine afterwards.

I’m in the midst of doing another round of GM Diet this week. I’m on my fourth day… three more days to go! Hopefully it’ll bring further weight lost results by Sunday.

I’m currently at 77 kg — that’s a whopping 13 kilos of “fat” that I’ve already lost in the last two months! Well yeah, they are “fats” I suppose, and some water weight too!

*Pats myself on the back*

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My ideal weight is 70 kg. So I’ve got seven more kilos to BURRRRNNNN!!!

My biggest challenge at the present is that I’ll be traveling to Turkey next week. And when you say travel, that usually means binge-eating and zero workout at all. Here I am, hoping I don’t easily put all the weight back again.

I’ll try to update my online diary again after two months to see if there are further improvements in my body weight.

Ciao for now!


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