Barangay Ginebra star player Scottie Thompson, often tagged as the best rebounding guard in PBA today, is the first celebrity endorser of Icy Cool Shake. Icy Cool Shake is a relatively new business set up by entrepreneur Icy Mendoza (named after her). She aims to provide an affordable shake option in the market that goes beyond the usual sago-gulaman drink. After a year of experimentation and taste tests, she finally launched her brand. The bestselling flavors, so far, are the taro and buko pandan.

With a few branches set up, Icy has plans of expanding her business as she opens up for franchising. She shares that Scottie exemplifies the cool-and-chill image of the brand.

Check out the franchising details and more in this interview with Scottie Thompson and Icy Mendoza.

Get to know more about Scottie in this post-presscon interview. He shares with us his background, showbiz crush, openness to joining the entertainment industry, and his thoughts on the recent controversy involving Arwind Santos and his team Barangay Ginebra.

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