Just like the previous seasons, PBB All In now has budding love teams among its mixed housemates. After the staring and kill-crush-marry games last week, some of the housemates are now being paired. 🙂

Here are the top three teamups we see all over Twitter. Are you for or against them?

Manolo & Nichole
Axel & Jane a.k.a. JaXel
We’re way beyond our teen years but we still got the kilig vibe when these two were playing the staring game. And it came as a big revelation when Jane admitted she crushes on Axel when she chose him for the kill-crush-marry game. Sadly, Axel finds Jane still young for him as shown on Uber earlier. But, who knows, things may still change. They’ve only been together for a week. 😉
Joshua & Loisa
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