Phoemela Baranda with daughter Kim and hosts
Boy Abunda and Janice De Belen
It’s an afternoon of shocking revelation at Buzz Ng Bayan, the newest showbiz talk show on ABS-CBN. TV host-model Phoemela Baranda finally revealed she is already a mother to a 15-year old daughter named Kim. At 18, Phoem was forced to hide the pregnancy from the public. She and her late mother agreed to keep it a secret to protect a promising career on print and TV. Kim grew up thinking the TV host-model was her aunt. According to Phoem, even her closest friends and relatives have been spared from the truth. In an emotional interview with Boy Abunda, Janice De Belen, and Carmina Villaroel, both Phoem and Kim shared their story of love, acceptance, and the feeling of liberation.
Phoem and Kim

Here are close-up screenshots of the Phoem’s pretty daughter who resembles her quite strongly:
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Phoem became emotional about wanting to reveal the truth for a long time
Screenshots courtesy of ABS-CBN


15-year old Kim
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