“Sa ‘Yo,” an OPM love song by the band Silent Sanctuary, which was released almost a decade ago became an anthem for those who have feelings for each other but cannot decide if they really want to be together. Nearly ten years have passed but the song never gets old and still strikes a chord with today’s generation. It will be given a new perspective through a duet rendition by Ivory Music & Video’s impressive young talents, Pipah Pancho and Nonoy Peña. 

Pipah Pancho started making covers of local and international songs during quarantine. She now has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and more than 290k YouTube subscribers. Pipah signed with Ivory Music in December of last year and has recently released her first single, “Single Pa Rin” on Valentine’s Day through music streaming platforms. Pipah penned the tune from the point of view of someone who is single, hoping and waiting to have the perfect person at the right time.

Nonoy Peña, Bicol’s YouTube sensation, was first heard on music streaming platforms with his version of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One.” He mesmerized music fans through his renditions of various hits from Kenny Rogers, The Carpenters and Mariah Carey, averaging 500,000 views per video and with over 400,000 YouTube subscribers. Nonoy signed with Ivory Music on November 27, 2020. He released his latest single “Puso,” an OPM ballad written like a love letter, last February 18 on all music streaming platforms. 

Upon learning that she will be collaborating with Nonoy Peña in the studio to do a revival of the song “Sa ‘Yo,” Pipah exclaimed, “I felt excited when Ivory Music & Video informed me that I will be collaborating with YouTube sensation Nonoy Peña for the song ‘Sa ‘Yo.’ I am very grateful to Ivory Music for opening a door of opportunity for me, so I took it without hesitation and with the blessing of my parents.” 

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Nonoy had this to say when he discovered he was collaborating with Pipah for the song “Sa ‘Yo,” “I was delighted when Ivory Music & Video delivered the great news. Finally, Pipah and I will witness each other’s talent in person inside the studio, and get to know each other more. I thank Ivory Music for giving me a lot of opportunities and helping me connect with talented people and learn essential things in building my character as an artist.”

Asked about their future plans regarding their respective singing careers, Pipah shared that she plans to create more music for her followers and thanked her fans for their continued support and encouraged them to support all the talents of Ivory Music & Video as well. Nonoy, on the other hand, said that he dreams of having an original single and album, as well as performing in concerts, TV shows and movies. He thanks God and his supporters who inspire him to persevere to make his dreams come into fruition.

The future is promising for people who look forward to it with gratitude. And it seems that way for the singing careers of Pipah and Nonoy who are always thankful as they continue to follow their dreams.

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