Mayor Rody Duterte, now known as Philippines’ very own ‘Dirty Harry,’ was recently featured by international media, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

WSJ did a short interview with one of the front-runners in the 2016 Philippine presidential elections where Rody said: ‘When you are up against criminal syndicates… do not expect a pristine & white environment. It’s going to be bloody. People will die. But if you will ask if I allow extrajudicial killings, I will not. Because that’s simply against my values in life.’

If he wins, what do you think is the effect of his iron fist-type of administration in the global political and economic scene?

“Duterte the Dirty harry, runs for the Presidency” ~ The Wall …“Duterte the Dirty harry, runs for the Presidency” ~ The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Trending Philippines on Monday, March 21, 2016

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