There’s no stopping when it comes to shopping if you have all these treats from popular shopping platform, Shopee. As wise shoppers, get your everyday healthcare essentials for the entire family at the GSK Super Brand Day on Shopee happening this April 19-20.

Get exclusive discounts up to 50% off and freebies for a more rewarding shopping experience.

Check these out:

  • Scott’s DHA Gummies Strawberry Vitamins for Kids 15s: Scott’s DHA Gummies is a daily food supplement for kids. It has DHA Omega 3 and Vitamin D that help support children’s brain development.
  • Scott’s Pastilles Kids Vitamin C Orange and Mixed Berries immunity support 50 pastilles: Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles is a daily food supplement that provides 100% Vitamin C for kids.
  • Sensodyne Deep Clean Gel Toothpaste 100g for Sensitive Teeth: Combines effective sensitivity relief with advanced cleaning and lasting freshness. It uses foam boost technology to reach all areas of the mouth, actively removing plaque and stains, to give you lasting freshness and a thorough clean you can feel.

SHOP LINKS:’s-DHA-Gummies-Strawberry-Vitamins-for-Kids-60s-i.164944409.2911861723?sp_atk=2e03d11e-7b69-4930-8159-61213a8a82c4’s-Pastilles-Kids-Vitamin-C-Mixed-Berries-immunity-support-50-pastilles-i.164944409.2911885039?sp_atk=cdfa4be4-b54b-42ca-825c-4f26d9bde2a6

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