This is quite freaky. Prophet Sadhu, the famous man who was said to have prophesied about the tsunami in Japan and the Yolanda devastation in specific Visayan provinces also made a fearless prediction that a rare disease is going to hit Pangasinan – one that will corrupt the skin, flesh, and bones and rot them away. Now, late-night newscast Bandila featured a mysterious flesh-eating disease in the exact location as predicted. Could his prophecy be coming true? The second part of Bandila’s report will be aired  tonight.
Prophet Sadhu
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WATCH the full video of his prophecy uploaded on Youtube in 2013. The disease was discussed starting video time 4:39. Update: Bandila’s and Inquirer’s reports have now been added:

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RANDOM UPDATE (February 25, 2014, 6:54 PM): 

Based on the report published by today, Pangasinan provincial health officer Dr. Anna De Guzman dismissed the rumors and clarified that the alleged mysterious disease is no mystery at all. According to her interview, the first patient is a leper who suffered from a reaction to medication while the second patient is suffering from psoriasis. We have yet to hear what Bandila has to say about this after the online buzz it has created last night.
As of 7:31 PM:
TV Patrol aired the clarification from health officials that the alleged mysterious disease is a hoax and it is not spreading slowly as reported by Bandila last night. The disease, according to their diagnosis, is leprosy. 
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